Neal Proud Deer has published millions of words over the course of his career as a staff writer, columnist, critic, feature writer, and book author. He has also worked as a copy editor, news editor, entertainment editor, managing editor, senior editor, and editor/publisher for several news-papers and magazines, and he has served on three university faculties. 
     More than 60 of his celebrity profiles have appeared on magazine covers, with interviews of such notables as President Jimmy Carter, poet Maya Angelou, actor Leonard Nimoy, baseball great Ozzie Smith, singers Peter, Paul & Mary, billionaire Steve Fossett, feminist and author Betty Friedan, television late-night host Jay Leno, comedian and social activist Bill Cosby, and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
     His short fiction has appeared in various publications since the late 1960’s.
     Among his novels and short story collections are Trickle Trickle Fountain Flow, Tremble Tremble Fountain Fear, Tumble Tumble Fountain Fall, The Fountain Flow Saga, Janus Warning, Weird Wolves & Vamp Pyres, Five, Mindtrapped, The Mingled Seed, Red Time, Red Day Dawning, Red My Mind, Curses Crimes & Canines, The Timechange Imperative, Hold Your Nose for America & Other Stories, Twilight Dawn, All the Time in the World, Shining Bright, Treasures of the Mind, Satyr  Ris-ing, and Alien Expansion.
     He has received many awards for his writing.


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